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What's in it for you?

Our simple to use website provides detailed Product Information, Technical Support and the Latest News at the click of a button. The site is designed for easy navigation by using our Product Search Facilities, Hot Tabs and Useful Links accessible from every page. 

Why Register on the Datim website?

  • Full access to detailed product information
  • Related product information
  • Use of the FTP facility
  • Special offers for registered users

New Features:

  • Product Search Facility
  • Free FTP Large File Transfers up to 50MB
  • What's New? - News at a glance
  • Datim News - All about our company
  • Product News - New Products
  • Project News - Our latest projects
  • Case Studies - By Project and by Sector
  • Technical Information
  • Jobs at Datim

All this and much, much more! But don't take our word for it...

...CLICK HERE to visit the New Datim website and experience it for yourself!

 * One free gift per company for the first 100 company registrations
  Tel: 01246 572277 www.datim.co.uk