Design in Mental Health Exhibition

Datim were privileged to exhibit at this year’s Design in Mental Health Exhibition, at the NMM in Birmingham.

The purpose of the two day conference and exhibition was to bring together professionals to showcase, present and discuss the latest user-led design thinking, products and services, to develop safe and secure therapeutic environments that meet the needs of service users and frontline staff.

The timing of the exhibition was perfect as it tied in with the launch of Datim’s new Anti-Ligadura product range catalogue, featuring over 100 anti-ligature products.

The Anti-Ligadura range was designed to assist with resistance against self-harm by those who may be temporarily distressed, irrational or emotionally unstable – ideal for use in buildings such as hospitals, prisons, detention centres and care centres, where the safety of residents and staff is paramount. The range includes products such as the Alumax from Safehinge, which is also ideal for use in schools as it prevents little fingers being trapped.

The full range is easy to install, comes with our 15 year guarantee and has been successfully tested in accordance with the requirements of the Door Hardware Federation’s DHF TS001 specification document.

The range consists of anti-ligature door handles, escutcheons, bathroom turns, knob furniture, hinges, pull handles and privacy vision panels.

We had a very busy couple of days at the exhibition and there was a great deal of interest shown in the new range, with many commenting on how well considered and useful the collection of products was.

More importantly, we learnt a lot from listening to the various speakers, including health professionals and former mental health patients, on the need for this type of product and where they are best implemented. Much of this reinforced our thinking behind producing the Anti-Ligadura range, but also gave us a few ideas to enhance the range in the future – watch this space!

To find out more about Datim's Anti-Ligadura range click here.