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Automatic Entrance Solutions
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The Perfect Entrance Solution:

Datim offer automatic door solutions tailored to your project requirements, utilising renowned quality operating gear from Besam.  Our complete service includes design, installation and maintenance throughout the UK.

Whether your primary concern is to provide safe and easy access for the less able and improve visitor experience, increase security and control, improve aesthetics and create a welcoming statement for your building, or to facilitate goods handling, we have a solution that will fit your needs.

Revolving Doors   DDA Compliant   Telescopic Sliding Door Operators

Datim’s experience managing turn-key projects enables us to provide help, support and technical advice every step of the way.  Our technical engineers are on hand to help you comply with the latest DDA, Fire and Safety legislation. 

Available to suit any door configuration, new or retro-fit applications and with a range of operating modes.  Many additional features are available to increase customer safety and security such as barrier rails, electronic locks and keypads, card readers and presence detectors.

Automatic Entrance Systems:

Single or Double Swing Door Operators

Telescopic Sliding Door Operators

Glass Door Operators

Under Floor Operators

Automatic Revolving Doors

To send Datim an enquiry simply click on the useful links section of this email or send your enquiry with all relevant information direct to sales@datim.co.uk

  Tel: 01246 572277 www.datim.co.uk:

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