Anti-Ligadura range

New Anti-Ligadura Product Range

It is a generally accepted statistic, as supported by the government figures, that several thousand people are seriously or fatally injured as a result of self-inflicted incidents each year.

The Anti-Ligadura range has been designed to assist with resistance against self-harm by those who may be temporarily distressed, irrational or emotionally unstable. Ideal for use in buildings such as hospitals, prisons, detention centres and care centres, where safety of its residents and staff is paramount.

Available in stainless steel, the range is successfully tested in accordance with the requirements of DHF TS001, a product specification document released by the Door Hardware Federation for testing and assessment of anti-ligature products.

The range consists of door handles, escutcheons, bathroom turns, knob furniture, hinges, pull handles and privacy vision panels. There are also additions to the Anti-Ligadura range such as the Estilo collection offering a wide range of architectural stainless steel ironmongery.

Built to last from the highest quality materials, each Anti-Ligadura product is also easy to install and is backed by our 15 Year Guarantee, giving both yourself and the client the peace of mind they require.